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After one match the next round is already waiting. That‘s how champions are born, always eager for a new challenge. Thus we invite you to test your strengths, broaden your skills and most likely pursue your passion for sports and lifestyle by co-creating the future within an internship at one of our locations worldwide. But we also want to learn from your external view of the world and your individualized input. If this ‘quid pro quo’ sounds like a win, we look forward to hearing from you.

Students currently enrolled in a fulltime academic program are welcome to join one of our internship programs at the adidas headquarters in Herzogenaurach and Portland or Reebok in Boston and many other adidas locations around the world. No matter where you are coming from.

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With adidas, your career path has unlimited possibility. Our Future Talent Programs offer the chance to kickstart your career without borders. You can catch one of our student events to learn more about our programs, get to know our teams, and seek out the best program for you to launch your career with the best sports brand in the world.

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13 facts about Internships at our Headquarters

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  1. What qualifications do I need?

    For an internship at our adidas Headquarters you must be a student who is actively enrolled in a University or University of Applied Science for the duration of the internship.

    Besides being actively enrolled at a University, you should have international or intercultural experience, local language skills, and very good English skills. Also, a consumer oriented focus, analytical and logical thinking as well as involvement in extracurricular activities are qualifications.

  2. How important is my grade average?

    Grades alone are not the decisive criterion when it comes to taking on apprentices. Moreover the overall profile is important to us. We would also like to learn what do you do outside school (e.g., work placements, part-time jobs, social engagement, membership in associations, etc.). So don‘t forget to let us know.

  3. Where do internships take place?

    Internship opportunities are one of our most prolific student programs worldwide. Most of them are realised in our German headquarter in Herzogenaurach. Besides, there are openings in locations throughout the world and in almost all disciplines. Please note that you have to arrange and pay for your own accommodation. However, as soon as you receive the offer of an internship and accept it, we will send you a list of suggested accommodations in the area. This should help you to find a place quickly.

    PS: We are also happy to tell you more about living in Herzogenaurach, Nuremberg or Erlangen.

  4. How many interns are hired each year?

    The number of interns varies each year based on the demand of the departments.

  5. Are the internships limited to one department?

    Yes, they are. You can tell us in which department you would like to complete your internship, however we cannot promise that the internship will take place in that department. However, the close collaboration with other functional areas will give you a good insight into other departments as well.

  6. Can I complete several internships?

    Only one internship may be completed at each location of adidas.

  7. How long do the internships last?

    Internships at our headquarters in Germany always last six months. Shorter internships are not offered. The internship period cannot be divided up. And the advertised time frames are set.

  8. Is it possible to intern in my Gap year?

    Sure. If you decide to complete an internship between finishing your Bachelor's degree and starting your Masters, this is possible without student status. Please provide information in your application about your planned Master studies and the University or University of Applied Science at which you plan to complete your studies. However this regulation only applies to EU citizens, due to work permit regulations in Germany.

  9. Are the internships at adidas paid?

    Yes, the internships at adidas are paid. The salary itself varies by location or experience.

  10. What is the dress code?

    We do not specify any particular dress code. It is important to us that you feel comfortable!

  11. What are the standard working hours and how much holiday will I have?

    The working hours are 39 hours per week. Vacation days and holidays vary by location. In our Germany locations you are entitled to 14 days of holiday during a six-month internship.

  12. Are internships available for foreign students?

    Absolutely. In Germany, we have many interns from all over the world. However, you must be enrolled as a student for the whole period of the internship in order to obtain a work permit. We will be happy to support you in this process with the paperwork, however we do not cover the relocation- or visa fees. Our corporate language is English, but in some departments within our Germany locations, German skills are required.

  13. Can I prepare my degree thesis in cooperation with adidas?

    Yes it is possible to write a degree thesis in combination with an internship at our adidas Headquarters, however the decision if a thesis can be supported is always made by the respective department. Please mention in your application that you are considering preparing your degree thesis with us.

adidas, Herzogenaurach, Germany

Join thousands of others from around the world who have come to the adidas global headquarters in Herzogenaurach, Germany for the professional and personal opportunity of a lifetime. If you’re excited to have a game-changing career, we’re excited to welcome you to our world of sports. Whatever your talent is, apply for your favorite departments out of 11 possible functional areas and work independently as well as with great colleagues.

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adidas Headquarter, Portland, USA

Portland is home of adidas America and the global co-headquarters of brand adidas. Located in the heart of our city, we share the responsibility to role-model a better, more healthy future. It is our motivation to continue to build on creating a great work environment for Portlanders who want to shape a better tomorrow. We are honored to be recognized as a top employer in the city we love and respect. Enjoy Portland’s creative vibe and infinite possibilities and make your impact in a 12-week summer internship for students currently enrolled in a two- or four-year degree program.

2021 Portland INTERNSHIPS 

An adidas internship offers you an opportunity to start a hands-on career in a truly global environment, where possibilities are unlimited. It’s the chance to have major impact and growth through real experiences. We have a 12-week summer internship for students enrolled in an undergraduate, graduate, or MBA program.

Application process opens: January 

12-week program dates: May/June - August


  • Undergraduate, graduate, or MBA student with a strong passion for sport graduating in Winter 2020 or Spring 2021
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to build rapport and trust quickly
  • Ability to succeed in a fast-paced, ever-changing work environment
  • All candidates must be legally eligible to work in the US for the entire duration of the internship
  • Graduating in Winter 2021 or Spring 2022
  • Must be fluent in English

Areas of Opportunity

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    Reebok, Boston, Massachusetts

    Design Apprenticeship

    You don‘t care so much about today‘s trends because you already try to figure out what comes next. You love sports but they are more than just physical exercise to you. Awesome! The Reebok Design team would be happy to have you as a part of our apprenticeship program in Boston. Help us create brand innovations for both apparel and footwear, work holistically by taking on various tasks and get to know the whole product creation process. 

    Application process opens: October 15 – November 15 

    Program Dates: 12 months (June – June) 


    • Recent graduates with a Bachelor’s degree program, a Master’s degree program, or equivalent experience  
    • Students majoring in Product, Industrial, Fashion, Apparel, Accessories, Graphic, Illustration, Furniture, and/or Transportation Design 
    • Solid sketching, rendering and visualization skills and strong knowledge of Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop 
    • Must be fluent in English 
    • Ability to commute or relocate to the location of the Apprenticeship. It is your responsibility to acquire and arrange for your own housing 
    • International candidates: We accept recent graduates from international locations. All candidates are responsible for obtaining their own J-1 or F-1 OPT visa before the start of the program along with the costs associated with the visa