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We believe that sales isn’t only about numbers, reports and prices. Sales requires both analytic skills in business and in relationships as every contract is a contact. Our sales team manages global purchases worldwide, and always cares for the local interests. To us, sales and scale and costs and collaborations go hand-in-hand. Are you ready to create a better tomorrow by bringing the products into the market? Negotiation is your favorite discipline? Then we are excited to negotiate with you.

"I also always was a firm believer in the quality of adidas products, because I only ever had positive experience with them myself. So it wasn’t hard for me to talk positively about these things when I was selling them – on the contrary.”

¬ Willie Holdorf…

See if one of our Sales openings could be a fit for you:

  • Intern - Wholesale Sales (4 Months)

    Woodbridge, ON, Canada | Sales

    January 15 2019 - 189110
  • Senior Sales Inventory Analyst

    Portland, OR, United States | Sales

    January 15 2019 - 189695
  • Assistant Manager Sales, YY East 1

    Shanghai, China (Peoples Republic of) | Sales

    January 11 2019 - 189249
  • Assistant Manager Franchise Operations

    Shanghai, China (Peoples Republic of) | Sales

    January 11 2019 - 189400
  • Key Account Manager

    Santiago, Chile | Sales

    January 11 2019 - 188690
  • Field Support Rep

    Los Angeles, CA, United States | Sales

    January 11 2019 - 189554

Brands which have open positions within Sales right now: