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Adi Dassler once said "You need good thinkers around you. Without them, you will go broke." We still take his advice seriously. Our strategy teams consist of original thinkers who help us to reach our goals, exceed then and set even higher ones. Because interesting, amazing and inspiring aren’t just buzzwords. 

They are our everyday benchmarks that we set in order to create exceptional business solutions that revolutionize the market. Therefore we need people who truly think way beyond status quo and want to leave an impact. We want to leave an impact not just great balance. Does that also apply to you?

“The future will happen, and it will now happen because of us, not in spite of us and this team is leading that charge.”

¬ James Carnes…

See if one of our Strategy openings could be a fit for you:

  • Director Project Office Asia-Pacific

    Shanghai, Greater China | Strategy

    November 11 2019 - 205277
  • Key Citi Manager

    Moscow, Russia | Strategy

    October 24 2019 - 204669
  • Senior Manager, Marketing Insights & Analytics - Yeezy

    Portland, OR, United States | Strategy

    June 26 2019 - 197973
  • Senior Manager Strategic Planning, APAC & GCA 1

    Shanghai, Greater China | Strategy

    June 25 2019 - 195780
  • Director Project Office, Asia Pacific

    Shanghai, Greater China | Strategy

    April 03 2019 - 193509

Brands which have open positions within Strategy right now: