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Shine is our internal educational program to attract, train, develop, reward and lead Retail talent within adidas. We call it Shine because “to shine“ means to stick out, and to be bright ‑ bright like Gold. And that is exactly the standard that we apply to support you throughout your career. Your leaders are the coaches who help you to win the game. Are you ready to join in?

Please scroll down to see the 5 Reasons for Shine.

1. Customer Focus

It's all about creating unforgettable experiences for our customers. And everything we do and say is a reflection of our brands. This is why we invest in training our retail team to turn in a winning performance every time.

2. Career Ladder

Consistent winning performances lead to more career opportunity. You will be provided with development & training opportunities via the adidas Retail University which will help you grow ‑ whether you choose to grow within our retail stores or make the move from retail to corporate.

3. Supportive Management

Great coaches know when you’ve done your personal best and they know what you are capable of. As you grow with the company, your manager will always be ensuring you are able to reach your personal best, and that you are challenged to achieve things you didn‘t think were possible.

4. Team Tactics

Retail is provided with a suite of tools not only to help you grow individually but to also learn to work together as a cohesive team. This is essential for any winning team and an invaluable skill you’ll be able to take with you throughout your entire career.

5. Rewards

Consistent winning performances, mixed with progression through adidas Retail University programs, will be matched with rewards. Our compensation and incentive rewards are designed to not only reward you for your efforts and achievements, but also to attract more talented people to join your winning team.


  • Sales associate part time - The Style Outlets ViladecansViladecans

    Barcelona, Spain | Retail (Store)

    July 30 2021 - 354492
  • Retail Professional - adidas Brisbane Factory Outlet

    Brisbane, Australia | Retail (Store)

    July 30 2021 - 354410
  • Alternance Vendeur Polyvalent adidas Corbeil-Essonnes (H/F)

    Corbeil Essonnes, France | Retail (Store)

    July 28 2021 - 353428
  • Talent Pool AM Merchandising

    Gurgaon, India | Retail (Back Office)

    July 28 2021 - 353648
  • Stockroom Specialist - adidas Westgate Factory Outlet (NEW STORE OPENING)

    Auckland, New Zealand | Retail (Store)

    July 28 2021 - 353649
  • Specialist GBS AR Retail & Wholesale

    Dalian, Greater China | Accounting & Finance

    July 28 2021 - 353008