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We’ll never launch a product unless we consider it perfect. Our product development teams create every shirt, every shoe and every piece of equipment for thousands of athletes and fashion lovers as if it was one of a kind. And it truly is, as they weave their passion into every single product. But translating designs, drawings and renderings into real products requires a lot of decision making. 

Therefore we all share an infinite imagination and a critical eye for details and costs. If you are also a developer, who already has the final product in mind when you see the first ideas, you should join us and put these ideas into precise shape.

Are you ready to write the next chapter in materials creation? 
The future of running shoe technology – insights into adidas’ science lab

“Complete football outfits with a weight of only 630 grams made us realize how far technology has developed with regard to our products."

¬ Miriam Fuerst…

See if one of our Product Development openings could be a fit for you

  • Senior Manager Development Apparel - NEO

    Shanghai, Greater China | Product Development

    September 09 2019 - 195619
  • Internship - Apparel Pattern Making (m/f/d)

    Herzogenaurach, Germany | Product Development

    August 26 2019 - 200472
  • Internship - Material Development (m/f/d)

    Herzogenaurach, Germany | Product Development

    August 26 2019 - 200473
  • Internship - Product Development (m/f/d)

    Herzogenaurach, Germany | Product Development

    August 26 2019 - 200491
  • Manager Materials Development Apparel, Creation Centre Tokyo - Development 1 1

    Tokyo, Japan | Product Development

    August 21 2019 - 200200
  • Apprentice- Product Creation

    Los Angeles, CA, United States | Product Development

    August 05 2019 - 199893

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