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Creating an impressive sports field demands both great architects and people who maintain and take care of it. Likewise, our facility and services teams create an environment where great minds can invent great things easily and without barriers. 

From company-wide security and safety programs to convenient, sporty facilities to the best cafeteria food and all sustainability challenges: our tasks are as diverse as our team. Find your perfect fit here - whether it’s supervision or execution. If you want to invent the future of sports, invent its labs!

»After just two months of working in our new ‘PITCH’ building – the first manifestation of adidas’ future workplace concept I’ve already decided I don’t ever want to go back to ‘normal’.«

¬ Hannes Kranzfelder…

See if one of our Facilities & Services openings could be a fit for you.

  • Payments Control Specialist

    Kiev, Ukraine | Facilities & Services

    January 18 2021 - 290850
  • Health & Safety and Reception Support

    Zaragoza, Spain | Facilities & Services

    December 15 2020 - 284052
  • Director Workplace Management - Corporate Americas

    Portland, United States of America | Facilities & Services

    December 09 2020 - 279572

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