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We find inspiration whether it‘s on the street, on a journey or on the run. Our design teams are constantly working to redefine the way clothing and footwear transforms the future pitch, court or course. Driven by emotion and form we consider the process of designing products as a lot more than just sketching. 

Our designers love the feeling of discovery when they invent shapes, materials and function. When we create a product that makes our hearts beat faster, we know we’re onto something. You know that feeling?

Be tomorrow

Be the tomorrow you want to live in, not the tomorrow life hands you. Be what’s possible. Not what’s practical. Tomorrow transcends fashion and redefines performance. Tomorrow is honest, innovative and timeless. Tomorrow is a maker. Tomorrow is a creator. Tomorrow is a designer.


“As a designer you need to be willing to always learn, always ask questions, challenge what you know and unleash your natural curiosity. A curiosity to ask why does that shoe look like that?"

¬ Ben Herath…

The Process

The Scribbles - The future of sport begins with a stick of graphite and a fresh idea. The pencil sketch is the spark that will someday be a finished design. In this phase we can draw, scratch out and start over, playing with the design until it feels fleshed out.

The Drawings - The little details really matter. In the drawing phase, the sketch is made into a complete design. When our marketing teams see the drawings, they’ll be able to visualize the final product.

The Fabrics - Selecting the materials for the shoe or garment brings it one step closer to being a reality. Fabrics and colours are carefully selected with form and function in mind.

The Sample - The design is born. It’s a real, touchable, wearable product. The design and marketing teams now review the product to make sure it matches the original design.

The Technical Drawings- Technical drawings translate big design ideas into specific instructions that pattern cutters and machinists use to build the final product. Your design will soon be transformed into a real product you can hold in your hands. 

The Final Product- One of the most inspiring moments for a designer is to see their idea transformed into a real product. And even more inspiring is to see their product being worn and used on the court, track and pitch.

Open Positions

  • Designer FTW Future City

    Shanghai, Greater China | Design

    July 18 2024 - 513709
  • Senior Product Creation Designer - Footwear (Serang)

    Jakarta, Indonesia | Design

    July 11 2024 - 513580
  • Assistant Footwear Designer - BU Outdoor (m/f/d)

    Herzogenaurach, Germany | Design

    July 02 2024 - 512025
  • 3D Footwear Designer - BU Running

    Herzogenaurach, Germany | Design

    July 02 2024 - 513003
  • Assistant Color & Graphics Designer Footwear - BU Football (f/d/m)

    Herzogenaurach, Germany | Design

    July 01 2024 - 512888
  • Designer Apparel - BU Football (m/f/d)

    Herzogenaurach, Germany | Design

    July 01 2024 - 512891

Brands Hiring Designers Right Now

adidas Design Academy

Calling all creators. Get your start at adidas Design Academy, an international 24-month trainee program. Gain real experience and learn valuable skills in your field. Rotations happen every three to six months throughout the entire design organization, focused either on apparel or footwear within our Performance, Style or Originals teams.

Join the Future of adidas Design.

Travel the World
The trainee program is headquartered in Herzogenaurach, Germany. One three- to four-month rotation in the 24-month program is completed abroad at one of our creation centres in Shanghai, Tokyo or Portland.

Learn Essential Skills

  • Present your designs and engage in critical feedback
  • Submit designs and track yours through the entire process from prototype to development
  • Create technical as well as detailed drawings
  • Acquire knowledge to create designs for textiles

What to Bring

  • International experience and a high degree of curiosity and creativity
  • A university degree in industrial design, fashion design or a similar discipline
  • Entry-level experience through internships, freelance jobs or project work
  • Love of athletic streetwear fashion and/or footwear
  • The drive to change lives through sport

Meet a Graduate

See how Raffaella launched her adidas design career through the adidas Design Academy, and how she landed her role as an Assistant Designer for women's adidas Originals.

How to Apply
At adidas, we run the Design Academy every two years. We are currently finalizing dates for the next generation of the Design Academy. Once the dates are confirmed, we will publish them here on this page. Please check this site for updates regularly.