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As a worldwide operating company, we encounter different market regulations everyday. That’s why foresighted and reliable guidance is an absolute must-have. Our Legal / Social Environmental Affairs-team is that kind of captain in sometimes unchartered water. We navigate safely through international laws, compliance programs and Social Environmental Affairs policies, identify risky areas early on and find creative solutions based on facts. 

With this warning system our development team is on the right track toward a market-changing future of sports - a future built upon a proud legacy. Help us to ensure this stability. Together, we build a better tomorrow.

“We partnered with Parley to make big bold steps that fix big global problems. adidas has long been a leader in sustainability, and this partnership allows us to tap into new areas, create innovative materials and products, and make new and completely unexpected experiences.”

¬ Silvia Raccagni…

See if one of our Legal / Social Environmental Affairs openings could be a fit for you:

  • Assistant Manager SEA

    Guangzhou, Greater China | Legal / SEA

    May 09 2022 - 446747
  • Manager - Legal Counsel - RetailCo Project (Contractor)

    Shanghai, Greater China | Legal / SEA

    March 28 2022 - 440008
  • Manager Environment - Field Operations Supply Chain

    Guangzhou, Greater China | Legal / SEA

    March 25 2022 - 442211
  • Senior Manager Data Management

    Hong Kong, Greater China | Legal / SEA

    March 11 2022 - 437588
  • Senior Director Environmental Performance, Sustainable Sourcing

    Hong Kong, Greater China | Legal / SEA

    March 09 2022 - 436270

Brands which have open positions within Legal / Social Environmental Affairs right now: