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School provides broad training in order to step into the adventure of your professional career. But once in a while it's great to do a test run in between. With a company culture centered around creativity, confidence and collaboration we appreciate the curiosity. Thus we provide learning, exercises and creative challenges during a one-week pupil internship for pupils from grades 8 to 12.

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  • Schülerpraktikum - Schuhfertiger/in in Scheinfeld

    Scheinfeld, Germany | Administrative

    November 14 2023 - 504569

10 facts you might want to know about the pupil internship

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  1. Which position can I apply for?

    Only the ones that you find posted online as pupil internship-positions. Therefore it is not possible to make a speculative application. Also, only the advertised time frames are possible. You can apply for more than one internship, but we will only take you into consideration for one internship.

  2. What if I am not in school anymore?

    Congratulations! You can call yourself a lucky high-school graduate. But as the name states it‘s an internship only for pupils. However, we do have great internship opportunities for college students.

  3. What should my application include?

    The usual. 

    • A cover letter that tells us about you, your interest for adidas and for the pupil internship especially. 
    • Your CV 
    • Your last school report 
    • Any work experience references/confirmation (optional).

  4. When do I hear from you?

    You will get a confirmation of receipt as soon as we have received your application documents. We begin the final selection once the application deadline has passed, and get back to you right after.

  5. How long will I work per day?

    That depends on your age. Young pupils (15-18 years) will work around 6 hours per day (usually from 9am to 3pm). Children (younger than 15 years of age) are only allowed to work a maximum of 4 hours per day.

  6. Where exactly would I work?

    You can tell us in which team you would like to complete your internship, however we cannot promise that the internship will take place in that team.

  7. Where would I sleep?

    That‘s up to you. Either you are from the Herzogenaurach-area or you have to arrange your own accommodation.

  8. What would I wear?

    Whatever you like. No suits needed. We want you to feel comfortable.

  9. Is the internship paid?

    No, the pupil internship is not paid.

  10. Do I get a confirmation?

    For sure, you will. We will write you a confirmation once the internship is finished.