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A degree does not mean the training has ended. We face the future whatever we do. Progression, improvement and curiosity keep us growing both as a company and as individuals. That‘s why we founded the Functional Trainee Program (FTP) which provides prerequisites for a challenging job in one of the fastest moving industries. In this one and a half year program you can max your creative and analytic potential, and have fun while doing so. Join us in one of the following different core areas and keep the training going.

  • Brand adidas Marketing
  • Global Sales
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Corporate Communication
  • Product Creation
  • Material Development & Innovation
  • Sustainability
  • Supply Chain Management

      adidas Careers - Functional Trainee Program


      Personal coach to support your learning: That's why during the program you will be supported by a mentor, the line manager of your department, and the HR department. You will spend one week in one of our adidas stores and we will offer interesting Training & Development courses throughout the whole program.

      The change of department every three months offers you the opportunity to get to know the various departments, work in multinational teams, and develop detailed specialist knowledge, and a wide network. In addition to independent projects, trainees at adidas also assigned a group project, which allows individuals to demonstrate their teamwork skills.

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      With adidas, your career path has unlimited possibility. Our Future Talent Programs offer the chance to kickstart your career without borders. You can catch one of our student events to learn more about our programs, get to know our teams, and seek out the best program for you to launch your career with the best sports brand in the world.

      Come create with us:

      adidas Functional Trainee Program - Aaron
      adidas Functional Trainee Program - Kai
      adidas Functional Trainee Program - Cecilia
      adidas Functional Trainee Program - Kimia

      Graduates / Essentials

      The 4 Application Essentials for the FTP


      We have gone totally digital when it comes to applications. Please send your applications via our career site. Unfortunately we cannot accept applications via email or post. Please note that your application should be unique and can be in any digital format that can be submitted via our online portal.

      The recruitment process usually kicks off in Q1 each year and the FTP will then start in Q4 in the respective year. For exact timings stay tuned on our career site, as well as our social media channels.


      We only accept applications made via our online portal. Applications sent by post or email or not accepted. Your application usually should consist of

      • A) your CV (in English)
      • B) B) a one page cover letter (in English), which tells about you, your interest for adidas and for the Functional Trainee Program
      • C) university reports/graduation certificate
      • D) any internship or work experience references/confirmation (optional).

      However the actual list of required documents may vary, therefore please always check the actual job posting, on what is needed for your application. Your application should be unique and can be in any digital format that can be submitted via our online portal.


      Please address your application to „Dear adidas team“. As soon we have received your application documents, you will get an automatic acknowledgement of receipt. Please check your Spam folder, too. We start the selection process once the application deadline has passed.


      The application process for the FTP usually includes different stages:

      • Online Application
      • Video-/Telephone interview
      • Assessment center

      We use the interviews as an opportunity to get to know you better and to learn more about you and your motivation for applying. All interviews are conducted in English. You will hear from us as soon as we have interviewed all potential candidates. You will receive a reply from us whatever the outcome. Please understand that we are unable to provide individual feedback at this stage of the recruitment process.

      The Assessment Center visit lasts 1 day and is held at the adidas headquarters in Herzogenaurach. All traveling costs are reimbursed. There is no particular dress code for that day because we want you to feel comfortable. In terms of the schedule you will participate in performing individual tasks, group tasks, role-playing exercises and interviews. Before the Assessment center you should familiarize yourself with adidas and be able to convince us that you are the right candidate.

      12 facts you might like to know about our FTP

      Any questions left? Let us know by sending an E-mail to

      1. What qualifications do I need?

        School-wise you need a university degree (Bachelor/Master). You should also have relevant practical experience in your chosen area (e.g. internships/work experience 0-18 months), fluent English language skills, a complex think ability, excellent communication skills and a strong customer focus.

      2. How important is my grade average?

        Grades alone are not the decisive criterion in taking on university graduates. The overall profile is important to us, so we'd love to learn what did you do apart from your studies (e.g., work placements, part-time jobs, social engagement, membership in associations, etc.).

      3. Where does the FTP take place?

        The home base for the FTP is the adidas headquarters in Herzogenaurach. If you come from far away, we will of course help you find accommodation.

      4. How many trainees are hired each year?

        The number of trainees varies each year based on the demand of the departments

      5. How long does the FTP last?

        The FTP lasts 18 months. During this time, you will change departments every three to four months within the selected functional area. By the end of the program, you will have passed through five or six departments.

      6. Can I also apply for the FTP if I come from abroad?

        The FTP is open to applicants from all over the world, who fit the required profile. You can apply regardless of your citizenship. A potential offer however would always be pending on the approval of the German residence- and work permit.

      7. How is the FTP compensated?

        Pay for the FTP is at the standard market rate.

      8. What are the standard working hours and how much holiday will I have?

        The working hours are 39 hours per week. Your holiday entitlement is 28 days per year.

      9. Is it possible to go abroad during the program?

        A period of three to four months abroad at one of our companies outside Germany is part of the program.

      10. Do I have a fixed-term or a permanent contract?

        The contract for the FTP is for a fixed term of 18 months.

      11. Is there a guarantee of a job at the end?

        It is our aim to take on all trainees at the end, providing they have performed well during the Functional Trainee Program.

      12. Is it necessary to have done an internship at adidas to apply for the FTP?

        No, but it is not a disadvantage if you are already familiar with the company.