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Developing market-changing innovations is a never-ending game. How can a shoe provide the best support and be so light that it’s hardly noticeable? How can a shirt absorb heat and keep warm at the same time? What is the most protective boxing glove made of? We don't stop asking these questions. 

Because we don't just work to create faster shoes and lighter fabrics: We strive to help athletes everywhere to perform their best. Are you a perfectionist too when it comes to having an essential influence on developing products? Then why don‘t you bring your curiosity into a job at one of our locations worldwide?

»The harder we work on getting waste out of the waters through initiatives such as Parley for the Oceans and making the process of creating products out of it more affordable, the greater the impact will be on our environment.«

¬ Kelli George, Senior Manager Materials Footwear…

See if one of our Sourcing openings could be a fit for you:

  • Assistant Manager, MI - Digital Asset Excellence

    Guangzhou, Greater China | Sourcing

    February 27 2024 - 508129
  • Manager, Development & Commercialization OA3 (Jepara)

    Jakarta, Indonesia | Sourcing

    February 19 2024 - 507057
  • Senior Manager, Materials Operations

    Jakarta, Indonesia | Sourcing

    February 13 2024 - 506956
  • Director, Engineering & ME - South Asia

    Phnom Penh, Cambodia | Sourcing

    January 24 2024 - 506552
  • Director, Sustainable Sourcing - Program & Data Management

    Hong Kong, Greater China | Sourcing

    January 09 2024 - 506014
  • Senior Director, Sourcing Operations

    Shanghai, Greater China | Sourcing

    January 08 2024 - 506166

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