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Our retail stores are where the sole hits the road. This is where the power of sport is brought directly to our customers, exciting them around the notion that through sport, we have the power to change lives. Our retail store creators are passionate sports fans, many athletes themselves, as well as fashion futurists who love to spread this enthusiasm to their customers.

That‘s why we, on the forefront, support the customers to find their perfect piece. We are advisors and we are ambassadors on the mission to create the best experiences. Do you want to be part of our dynamic team? We are located all over the world. Find your perfect match!

“There’s no better way to get to know your target audience’s needs and questions than by being where they are: in the store.”

¬ Oliver Brueggen, Senior Director Public Relations

See if one of our Retail Store openings could be a fit for you.

  • Seasonal Retail Store Associate - New York SP 508 2019

    New York City, NY, United States | Retail (Store)

    June 25 2019 - 198098
  • Retail Team Leader - Cincinnati Prem 6200

    Monroe, OH, United States | Retail (Store)

    June 25 2019 - 198099
  • Seasonal Retail Store Associate - Cincinnati Prem 200 2019

    Cincinnati, OH, United States | Retail (Store)

    June 25 2019 - 198100
  • Seasonal Retail Store Associate - Melrose 6517 2019

    Los Angeles, CA, United States | Retail (Store)

    June 25 2019 - 198102
  • Responsable Magasin adidas Le Mans H/F

    Ruaudin, France | Retail (Store)

    June 25 2019 - 198138
  • Full Time Retail Team Leader - Glendale 6538

    Glendale, CA, United States | Retail (Store)

    June 25 2019 - 198139

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