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adidas is the brand that started it all. For seven decades we have been looking at what people wear on the courts, tracks, and playing fields — and have worked tirelessly to make it better. This is what excites us every day anew: making a difference by shaping the future of sport. Because for us, sport can change lives for the better.

How can we impact the future of sport?

Adi Dassler, a Herzogenaurach native, kicked-off a real revolution in sport in 1948 when the world was torn. He started with a vision and turned it into a business. Today millions of athletes and fashion lovers around the world are united. Our goal is to face and improve their needs by creating the best products they can have. 

With this passion we fill Adi Dassler‘s shoes, for sure. We are proud of his game-changing heritage. The inventive genius still flows through our company. But we also refined his footprints over the years, together as one huge global and diverse team identified by its individuality.

"The beautifully elegant engineered color tipped ribs, the 3-stripe tapes sewn onto the shoulders, everything about the shirt was considered and they were adorned by my heroes. I was hooked, it was like a drug."

¬ Inigo Turner…

Our collaborators worldwide are makers, growers, and retailers. But more important, they are all creators — that is the best investment in innovation we can imagine. We are driven by emotion, and functionality. We explore, execute and elaborate. And we make an impact by pioneering the previous, whatever the sport discipline is, whether it‘s the cutting-edge Performance division or the fashionable Style division. 

Speaking of future: We invite all athletes, creators and thinkers to be part of our movement. Sounds utopian? Yeah right. But we truly believe that all together we can build a better tomorrow. 

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Latest open Positions:

  • Data Engineering

    Gurgaon, India | Global Operations

    November 29 2021 - 386529
  • Manager Development Apparel

    Guangzhou, Greater China | Sourcing

    November 29 2021 - 397568
  • Intern A&G

    Guangzhou, Greater China | Sourcing

    November 29 2021 - 397530
  • Intern A&G

    Guangzhou, Greater China | Sourcing

    November 29 2021 - 397548
  • Mgr-Talent Acquisition, India

    Gurgaon, India | Human Resources

    November 29 2021 - 397951
  • Manager PCT & Tooling FW

    Guangzhou, Greater China | Sourcing

    November 29 2021 - 397629