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Our stores are our stage to excite our customers and bring the power of sport directly to them, but the back office team are the creators orchestrating the production. Our retail back office team organize everything from merchandizing and planning, to finding the best real-estate, managing retail operations and hiring the leadership who will take us into the future of retail. 

If you love to orchestrate the show and delighting retail customers worldwide, our team awaits you.

“Listen, learn, and ask questions to increasingly develop your own point of view and aligned strategy.”

¬ Rob Clements, Vice President of Retail in Latin America

Latest jobs in Retail Back Office

  • Manager - Franchise, Retail

    Mumbai, India | Retail (Back Office)

    March 26 2019 - 193282
  • Manager - Franchise, Retail

    Bangalore, India | Retail (Back Office)

    March 26 2019 - 193285
  • Sr. Manager Store Operations

    Bogota, Colombia | Retail (Back Office)

    March 26 2019 - 191980
  • Manager Sales Academy

    Mexico City, Mexico | Retail (Back Office)

    March 25 2019 - 191663
  • Manager, Retail Expansion

    Shanghai, China (Peoples Republic of) | Retail (Back Office)

    March 25 2019 - 192849
  • Senior Manager, Store Operations & Training

    Melbourne, Australia | Retail (Back Office)

    March 21 2019 - 192563

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