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Our differences are what unite us as a global company. Therefore our human resources team recruits the greatest talents from anywhere in the world. We search for uniqueness and diversity, for the extraordinary and individuality, for the interdisciplinary and intercultural. 

We ask interesting people the right questions and don‘t mind being asked even the toughest questions back. We build a better tomorrow by building the best teams. Join us to create a workplace for original thinkers who believe that sports can make the world a better place. Be the curator and creator of our social capital. Let it grow!

»To empower our teams to move fast, we lowered escalation levels within the organization and created clear roles and responsibilities for everyone. We want a bias for action, where our teams are encouraged to make the right decisions on their own.«

¬ Eric Liedtke, Executive Board Member, Global Brands…

See if one of our Human Resources openings could be a fit for you.

  • Manager eHR

    Panama City, Panama | Human Resources

    October 10 2019 - 204101
  • Senior HR Rewards Specialist

    Istanbul, Turkey | Human Resources

    October 08 2019 - 203190
  • Asia Pacific Trainee Program

    Singapore, Singapore | Human Resources

    October 01 2019 - 203685
  • Director Talent Acquisition, APAC

    Shanghai, Greater China | Human Resources

    September 27 2019 - 201232
  • Intern, Talent Management and Learning

    Singapore, Singapore | Human Resources

    September 20 2019 - 199868

    Cape Town, South Africa | Human Resources

    September 16 2019 - 201317

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