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The less visible certain work is, the bigger the effort that was made. That’s how it is with our administration team which we call the "feelgood" department because they do real magic. We respond to individual needs and let a global company run smoothly at the same time. We make sure that the heartbeat of adidas is steady and that it's always in shape.

Supporting others is something that you like? You are in charge of the stopwatch when deadlines have to be met, you are the tailwind in stormy conditions, the extra legroom seat when it comes to relocating, and the dictionary for international correspondences? Great! No matter how you keep the work flow smooth, we can‘t wait to meet you.

»Fortunately I work for a company that provides its workforce with the freedom of experimenting with new ideas and whose employees are open for changes and challenges.«

¬ Nadine Hauselt, Manager Direct to Consumer and Franchise…

See if one of our Administrative openings could be a fit for you

  • Executive Assistant

    Bogota, Colombia | Administrative

    March 19 2019 - 192685
  • HR Temp

    Manila, Philippines | Administrative

    March 18 2019 - 189135
  • Iberia Young Talent Program (incorporación Septiembre 2019)

    Zaragoza, Spain | Administrative

    March 14 2019 - 192718
  • Intern, Direct To Consumer - Buying (6 Months Full Time)

    Singapore, Singapore | Administrative

    March 05 2019 - 191950
  • Intern, Human Resource - Training (6 Months Full Time)

    Singapore, Singapore | Administrative

    March 05 2019 - 191949
  • Executive Assistant

    Shanghai, China (Peoples Republic of) | Administrative

    March 01 2019 - 191703

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