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We are working everyday on creating the best products for athletes worldwide and we are building the most innovative information technologies behind the scenes. This allows our global company to operate smoothly and securely without any traffic strains regardless of timezones. 

From developing eCommerce platforms and software applications from scratch to managing them: Whenever it gets tricky we tackle problems together as a team. If you think in end-to-end solutions, start you career with us now, and help us to create a digital environment that is as pioneering as our products. For sure there will be a lot offline excitement, too.

Digital IT at adidas taking a complete unique approach to innovation.

Check out this video and and be inspired!

adidas careers | code4adidas Creator Day

»Language, gender and interests don’t divide us. These differences make us richer as a society and embracing it is the key to innovation.«

¬ Aya Jaff, coder…

See if one of our Information Technology openings could be a fit for you:

  • Tech Project Manager

    Gurgaon, India | Information Technology

    September 16 2021 - 359748
  • Senior Solution Architect

    Gurgaon, India | Information Technology

    September 16 2021 - 359739
  • Data Platform Engineer

    Zaragoza, Spain | Information Technology

    September 15 2021 - 362132
  • IT Junior Project Manager

    Monza, Italy | Information Technology

    September 13 2021 - 358223
  • Software Developer

    Woodbridge, ON, Canada | Information Technology

    September 10 2021 - 364194

    Singapore, Singapore | Information Technology

    September 06 2021 - 362609

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