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Without the accounting & financial department, we would be like a soccer team without a coach: uncontrolled. This team is rational when it comes to turnovers, bills and revenues and it is visionary when making forecasts. We can make a greater impact with spreadsheets than with toolboxes. 

But we also think permanently about digital tools, which make reporting more transparent, and targets more controllable. The coach, the playmaker, the planner, the problem solver: all those roles fit your profile? Because you know that on the bottom the line you are only as good as your team. Welcome to ours!

"We know exactly where our money sits and how to make it work for us – thanks to some award-winning work our Treasury department has done in setting up a state-of-the art global in-house banking solution."

¬ Aki Ben-Ezra

See if one of our Accounting & Finance openings could be a fit for you.

  • Accountant - Morocco

    Casablanca, Morocco | Accounting & Finance

    March 25 2019 - 193284
  • Manager Demand Planning

    Boston, MA, United States | Accounting & Finance

    March 20 2019 - 193026
  • Sr. Director Data & Analytics APAC

    Shanghai, China (Peoples Republic of) | Accounting & Finance

    March 20 2019 - 192325
  • Demand Planning Manager

    Woodbridge, ON, Canada | Accounting & Finance

    March 19 2019 - 192831
  • Manager FP&A (Temp)

    Stockport, United Kingdom | Accounting & Finance

    March 19 2019 - 192991
  • Finance Intern

    Riga, Latvia | Accounting & Finance

    March 19 2019 - 192916

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