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Planet Sport - Working at adidas America in Portland, Oregon USA

Portland is home for adidas. At adidas Portland our purpose is to shape the future of sport because we believe that through sport, we have the power to change lives. We also believe that Portland, Oregon represents a better tomorrow. Located in the heart of our city we share the responsibility to role-model a better, more healthy future.

Our village

The quality of life in Portland is world class for a city it's size. Our "village" has a unique culture where the employees have a special bond with each other because of the excitement around our brand and the outstanding perks of working there.

Portland has about 1000 employees which seems like a lot respectively but it has a small campus feel where people create friendships through working and participating in the activities that are offered: working out at lunch, happy hours, workshops etc. English is the main language. It's small enough that getting around the city is relatively easy (mass transit, biking, walking distance to bars/cafes/restaurants). There is a vibrant arts, foodie and outdoor culture. Live is close proximity to the mountains, the ocean, wine country. adidas America has professional basketball and soccer teams as well as semi pro hockey and baseball teams.

Sport Changes Lives

Playing sports with co-workers creates friendships that last a lifetime. Using our products allows to participate in the sports and activities that we are passionate about. Our sports teams connect us as a city and state to our local culture.

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