The Company

What makes a winning team

Our culture is shaped by our purpose ‘Through sport, we have the power to change live​s’. We live a global culture, welcoming talents with entrepreneurial minds from around the world. As true innovators, our attitude is that impossible is nothing. This is how we win while playing fair.

  • COURAGE: Take the shot. Speak up when you see an opportunity; step up when you see a need.
  • OWNERSHIP: Pick up the ball. Be proactive, take responsibility and follow-through.
  • INNOVATION: Elevate to win. Be curious, test and learn new and better ways of doing things.
  • TEAMPLAY: Win together. Work collaboratively and cultivate a shared mindset.
  • INTEGRITY: Play by the rules. Hold yourself and others accountable to our company’s standards.
  • RESPECT: Value all players. Display empathy, be inclusive and show dignity to all.

Our culture is shaped by our purpose »Through sport, we have the power to change live​s.«



Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at adidas means championing individual uniqueness and cultivating a culture of belonging in which everyone can create at their best. We embrace DIVERSE backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives and seek to create a workforce that REFLECTS our consumers and communities.

When you join adidas, you’ll get a chance to live and co-create what’s so important to us: a culture of true inclusion and belonging for all to ensure equity, diversity, and opportunity. You may become a member of one of our 'Employee Resource Groups' we support - specific networks in which employees create community, provide support, education, and developmental opportunities. Or join our global endeavors through a number of internal and external initiatives we participate in to create and promote diversity and inclusion.

We know that creating and maintaining a safe space to work in a truly inclusive culture is a continuous journey for us. It is not a destination or something we can “tick” off of our list. Our commitment to you, our candidate, is to encourage and enable you to bring your true self to the hiring process so that one day adidas may mirror the meaningful change we strive to create for our consumers and the industry.

»We believe the success of our company must have a diverse workforce comprised of individuals with different ideas, strengths, interests and cultural backgrounds.«

¬ What we believe



We aim to harmonize the commercial interests of the company with the professional, private and family needs of our employees. Our work-life integration initiatives and programs include the provision of flexible working times and places, people development and leadership competences related to work-life integration, as well as specific family-oriented services. In addition to providing flexible working opportunities such as working remotely, sabbaticals and parent/child offices, we have two day-care facilities at our headquarters in Herzogenaurach.

Wages, benefits and incentives

We are committed to rewarding our employees with compensation, benefit and incentive programs that are competitive and aligned with our performance culture. Compensation throughout the company includes fixed and variable monetary compensation, non-monetary rewards as well as other intangible benefits.

The various variable compensation and benefits components we offer our employees include*:

  • Bonus program – based on short term incentives
  • Profit participation program – ‘Champions Bonus’ (Germany)
  • Long-Term Incentive (LTI) plan for senior management and Executive Board members
  • 401-K Retirement Plan (USA) and adidas Pension Plan
  • adidas Stock Purchase Plan

*Compensation and benefits vary by location. To find out what benefits apply to what location check out details here.


At adidas, we provide uniquely exciting career development for our employees. The approach called #MYBEST helps you develop a ‘growth mindset’: a philosophy that encourages ongoing learning and the ability to react positively to mistakes. It means that you’ll face challenges with positivity rather than fear, and successfully complete the toughest tasks. Gradually, you’ll realize you’re capable of anything.

»We identify talented employees at all levels who have the potential to become future leaders or key players within adidas«

¬ What we do



We offer a portfolio of leadership development programs for corporate office employees for all grades and levels:

  • Executive Development Experience: We are partnering with Harvard Business School in delivering a tailored learning experience for all of our senior manager population.
  • Manager Development Experience (MDE) and Director Development Experience (DDE): To develop current and future leaders, we introduced the MDE as a flexible approach to developing leadership skills and abilities of our lower management level employees. It is inspired by sport and drives the development of personal and team mastery. The program allows a customizable learning experience for our middle management level employees.


  • Apprenticeship and Dual Study Program: The adidas Apprenticeship Program offers young pupils who want to join our company directly out of school the opportunity to gain business experience in a two- to three-year rotation program. The Dual Study Program for young school graduates offers – in cooperation with various universities – theoretical and practical experience at adidas.
  • Global Trainee Program: The Functional, Digital and Design Trainee Program is an 18- to 24-month program providing graduates with an international background and excellent educational credentials the opportunity to start a functional career within adidas. It comprises assignments in various functional and cross-functional departments, of which at least one takes place abroad.

Internships: Our global internship program offers students three to six months of work experience within adidas.

Other development opportunities are offered through our internal Learning Campus, access to LinkedIn Learning courses and other learning programs. 


Located on a 346-acre site, the main adidas headquarters, the World of Sports, is often compared to a university campus. Besides offices, the campus is home to playing fields, the adidas Consumer Center, award-winning cafeterias, lakes and state-of-the-art buildings.

The World of Sports offers an extensive range of new workplace concepts, in which employees can find the ideal place to perform. ‘Halftime’ is a 14,000 m2 event center with an integrated employee restaurant that is designed with an open floor plan and rooms that are adaptable to different configurations, such as private meetings, discussions and workshops.

In 2019, a new building called Arena was inaugurated as the company’s new main office building with capacity for around 2,000 employees. Arena fully embraces our newly established workplace concept called ‘MyArena’. MyArena is an activity-based working concept, which means that employees no longer have assigned desks and instead choose from a variety of rooms and spaces, dependent on their needs.

Sport is part of our everyday. The campus provides a variety of sports and fitness options for adidas employees. The Adi Dassler Stadium with its 400-meter track and full-size football pitch is part of a full offering of sporting facilities. The surrounding forest trails are great for a run at lunchtime. Other facilities include: the adidas GYM, running tracks, tennis court, beach volleyball courts, basketball court, skatepark.

»Sport is part of our everyday. The campus provides a variety of sports and fitness options for adidas employees.«

¬ What drives us.