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From the first drafts to the final placement in the store, a lot of momentum in the supply chain take place. Our supply chain management team is the motor and the helping hand when it comes to bringing our products to the customer. 

We literally make the world go round and encompass all steps from purchase to distribution across global markets. We work together with internal teams and external vendors, and ensure that products are available at the right time, at the right place and in the right quantity. This sounds all right to you? Then join in to build new connecting paths.

»I’m a true believer in ‘lead, never follow’ and I’m proud to be part of major change in sourcing practices that will leave a lasting impact on our environment.«

¬ Ebru Gencoglu, Senior Director Materials Sourcing Apparel…

See if one of our Supply Chain Management openings could be a fit for you:


    Embu, Brazil | Supply Chain Management

    October 21 2020 - 269088
  • Team leader Inbound

    Embu, Brazil | Supply Chain Management

    October 21 2020 - 269128
  • Sr. Specialist Inbound (Distribution Center)

    Buenos Aires, Argentina | Supply Chain Management

    October 20 2020 - 269454
  • Assistant Manager Order Fulfillment - 6 months

    Singapore, Singapore | Supply Chain Management

    October 14 2020 - 261650
  • CDD 6 mois Specialiste Supply Chain Operations adidas (H/F)

    Strasbourg, France | Supply Chain Management

    October 12 2020 - 266894
  • Training Lead (Sun-Wed Nights 6pm-4:30am)

    Wilkes-Barre, United States of America | Supply Chain Management

    October 08 2020 - 267542

Brands which have open positions within Supply Chain Management right now: