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Our Woodbridge office, about 45 minutes driving from downtown Toronto, is home for adidas, adidas golf and Reebok. With all brands under one roof it provides an environment that values and fosters confidence, creativity and collaboration.
The Distribution Center for all of Canada is located in Brantford, Ontario.

Through sport, we have the power to change lives

At adidas Canada sports is at the center of everything we do. Not only do we have a GoodLife gym right downstairs in the building but also a soccer field and an Ultimate Frisbee team. Two days per week at lunch time, we get together for the Reebok fitness challenge. We are lucky to train with Sue Galluzzo, a Reebok athlete, ambassador, entrepreneur, and personal trainer. It is a great chance to take your fitness to the next level while having fun and connecting with co-workers from across the company.

Sport needs a space

Sport needs a healthier, stronger, more substantial and more socially responsible world. At adidas Canada, we have a number of initiatives to play an active role in that. One of them is adichats, a series of events in which employees share inspiring stories on challenges, empowerments and learnings. They share and reflect on the events that made them who they are today - inspring others and sparking meaningful conversations.

The future runs on fresh and diverse perspectives

It’s the people who see the world a little differently than the rest who create the breakthroughs that inspire us all. Canada itself is a truly diverse nation. About half of Toronto's people were born somewhere else. We foster this diversity in our work place as well by embracing diverse perspectives and life experiences. This isn’t just a nicety. It’s a business necessity.

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    8.30 -4.30
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