Sport changes Lives

"The Reebok Determination Race is a complex race that demands a lot of physical training and determination (such a suitable name for the race). You have to prepare to overcome so many different obstacles which can be challenging - even if it's not your first time. If you do the race alone and in a competitive mode, the race becomes a big challenge! If you do the race as a Team, it's an incredible experience that teaches you that all your strengths are not enough to win if you don't act as a team player. For all of you that never experienced a race like this, GO FOR IT! It's FUN, CHALLENGING and an INCREDIBLE learning experience!"

German Velez - Director Wholesale Marketing

Careers without Borders

At adidas, we believe that exposing our team members to as many different cultures, languages, life experiences and points of view as possible is the fastest way to grow. adidas is a global company, with seven global headquarters, 20 international hubs and opportunities in 92 countries. Our culture embraces global mobility between countries and encourage our team members to explore new business areas outside their expertise. This is one of the best ways we generate new ideas and innovation.

Sport needs a space

We believe that through sport we have the power to change lives. adidas believes in sustainability and saving our planet. adidas partnered with Parley to protect our oceans from plastic. Our adidas Panama Team completed three beach clean up activities in Panama and and collected over nine tons of plastic. The recycled plastic we collect in our office is used to conduct creative plastic art workshops with primary school children.

Collaborating with those who inspires us

Collaboration is the cornerstone of how we want to work together and how we perform. When we work together, we learn from each other, grow individually and as a team. Our ears are open to your ideas, your opinions and insights.We challenge each other safely to inspire, motivate and innovate. Solo players don't stand a chance next to a team.

The future runs on fresh and diverse perspectives

Diversity is one of our core values and the key to our success. We embrace and celebrate the rich dimensions of diversity in each individual. The Panama regional office is a mosaic of diverse cultures and we are so proud to represent over twelve different nationalities and we speak over ten languages! Chinese, English, French, German, Haitian Creole, Hindi, Italian, Mandarin, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

Facts about Panama City

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    3,8 Million
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    42 F - 58 M
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    over 18