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Through sport, we have the power to change lives

"Sport is at the core of everything we do in the CIS in Moscow. Our employees take it as their personal mission to change people’s lives through sport, most importantly, serving by example. To serve as an example, our employees set ambitious goals in various sports, actively engage their customers, family and friends into sport events all around the region. Sport communities are an essential part of our corporate life. These are cross-country skiing, fitness classes, CrossFit, run clubs, Outdoor community, basketball and football teams, to name a few.
We are pioneering the market with Be More Human races sending a powerful message to the fitness generation and helping 13,500 people to be the best version of who they want to be. We are leading the marathon movement transforming sports culture with more than 55,000 people utilizing the energy of running in Moscow, Kiev and Almaty. Preparation for the World Cup 2018 creates a football fever that is bringing together the adidas football community of millions of people – all with our employees being the greatest ambassadors by sharing passion for sports."

Careers without borders

Our market has many employee success stories. An example we would like to share is Shamil Zamanov’s story. Shamil started his career in Ufa as a stockman. Soon after he was offered a promotion and took a position in Kazakhstan without any hesitation. Later he worked in 5 regions across the CIS and today he is a Regional Operations Director in the Far East Region of Russia.

Pioneering the future of work

No matter what the occasion is or how many people are involved– it is always about the space that creates the atmosphere. We have the best facilities for sport and for work, sometimes our office even turns into the adi airlines airport or James Bond villa. Take a look.

Sport needs a space

Being a part of a mission that changes people’s lives is always a great responsibility. Being a part of a great team which sees every challenge as an opportunity provides inspiration and motivations to make this world a better place. This is how our CIS team goes beyond all limits to give sport a better place and shape lives for the better through sport.

Collaborating with those who inspire us

We have many Brand Ambassadors who take part in our corporate events. Every month within a master class the most outstanding Russian athletes, coaches, sport commentators  and legends of the Russian sport culture share their passion for sport, confidence and life experience.

The future runs on fresh and diverse perspectives

"Here in adidas CIS we do a lot to offer great job opportunities and exciting projects to people. We strongly believe that our strength is in diversity!

One of the greatest example of an inspirational leader is Olesya Kuzmich, Vice President Finance, who has had a great career across various departments in the past 15 years. Olesya’s successful journey began in 2002 at the adidas CIS when she joined the company as treasury specialist. She continued working in controlling of which she later assumed leadership. Thanks to her high leadership performance, Olesya was appointed Head of Business Development in 2013. In September 2014 Olesya became head of the buying department, and in a short time demonstrated outstanding results. Since January 2015 Olesya has been serving in the position of Vice President Buying. Soon after, she accepted another ambitious key role of Vice President Finance. We hope by sharing her story and this video you will gain insights into the opportunities we offer. Join us and share your fresh perspective!

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