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Through sport, we have the power to change lives

We believe that through sport, we have the power to change lives and every day we are encouraged to support this thought through the opportunities and facilities our organization gives us.

We can enjoy a fully equipped gym and fitness center, with personal trainers, areas dedicated to CrossFit and courses, a multifunctional pitch where our employees can play basketball, volleyball and soccer.

Football lovers and players can join our football team, which every year fights in a company championship and runners can train for the most important Italian running events together with our adidas running team.

Moreover, Sport Days are organized to involve all employees to live and celebrate our Sport DNA. We stop working for a day to take part to heathy and wellness activities.

We're also highly concerned with the work-life balance of our employees, that's why among many other initiatives, we propose a specific program “Live in Balance”, which combines training on stress management and relaxing physical exercises to have a little rest during the day.

Welcome To Monza

Our Southern HQ is located in Monza, Italy, just 15 km from Milan, the heart of fashion and design, a very lively and vibrant city, definitely a great place to stay and live.

In our Italian offices, serving the adidas and Reebok brands, our employees enjoy a pleasant working environment and an informal atmosphere, where they can connect, take inspiration and share their passion for our brands and for sport.

The Top Employers Certification (since 2012) recognizes our organization for outstanding working conditions and employee offerings (benefits, management, development, engagement). We offer our employees all this in the uniqueness of the world of Sport, our DNA, which contributes to feed values such as respect for diversity, the beauty of change, trust and teamwork.

Collaborating With Those Who Inspire Us

We constantly look for new ideas and inspiring minds, that’s why our employees have the chance of participating in recurrent seminars, discussions, interviews, and talks where important guests and celebrities (sport assets, journalists, university professors,…) and internal speakers share their experience, learning and knowledge as well as motivate and dialogue with us.

It allows us to see the world from a different point of view, to activate our minds and to evolve in a changing environment.

Pioneering The Future Workplace

Our HQ office reflects modern interior design and offers a space in line with the young and dynamic profile of our company adopting agile and flexible working style.

We live and work in a modern, fresh, vibrant workspace with standards that promote effectiveness, collaboration, creativity and wellness of our employees.

Join us and you'll appreciate an open, bright, informal workspace and atmosphere that combine style and sport inspiration with function and respect for the environmental.

All solutions have been chosen to support and facilitate our daily activities as well as increase people and team synergies and communications.

A lounge area for creative meetings, informal spaces, corners for relaxing and reading are available for all employees, too.

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