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Through sport, we have the power to change lives

On my first day at adidas and when I entered through the doors, I knew everything was going to be different from what was I used to. Not only was I going to meet new people, have a new job, a new boss and learn everything about adidas and how it works but I also knew that things were going to change about me. At adidas you meet a lot of different personalities but something all of them have in common is a special interest in any kind of sports, exercise or just doing something to keep healthy. Looking and listening to most of the people talking about this, is what inspired me to do something myself to become healthier and stronger.

In the 2 years I have been part of adidas I gotten involved in all type of sports: classes, games and many of the others offers at and around the office. For examples, I've been to Fit-dance classes, played soccer, participated in a fitness program and regularly go to the gym.

About a year ago I started (for the first time) CrossFit. I had the opportunity to go during my lunch which was even better because it helped me to decrease stress and improved my mood. It was really hard getting used to it. I even quit for about 3 months but when I noticed that many people were really having great improvements: Physically and also in the way they started to truly take care of themselves. The also seemed really committed to their work and this is when I realized that I wanted the same and re-committed myself.
By September of last year my friend and I heard about the Spartan race for women. We knew we weren´t really prepared for that race but it was a challenge we both wanted to do and finish. We prepared as well a we could and went. We finished the race, which was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. We didn't have the best time record but I was simply happy we made it. We made a team effort and supported each other to the finish!

It hasn´t been easy but here I am still in CrossFit and yes, I really have seen many improvements to my body. Even the way I eat and take care of myself. I am more confident, happier and my day at work feels much easier and satisfying.

Thanks adidas for this opportunity and the encouragement to live a better and healthier life.

Karen López de Anda ////

Department Coordinator
International Sourcing LO Americas

Building a better tomorrow

México likes to be a part of many events that help children (Hospitals or at sport events).

We love Sports

We do a lot of sports while at work in the office, between breaks. We do CrossFit and at times have special events for retail, such as the EPIC RUN Christmas 2015.

Globetrotter Careers

Gavin Bruce Robbins (Director Technical Services, Global Operations - LO- México): When taking the decision to leave South Wales, UK in 1998 I never imagined that my life would lead me on a path of excitement, challenges & adventures, along the 18 years I have lived in 3 different countries, made some very good friends and also met my life partner in Mexico of all places! Each country added a special ingredient to my life and I learned to love, live & adapt to the individual & unique cultures each country offered me. I found myself being enriched by each experience and adding that experience to my day to day life; to be more humble, compassionate & understanding towards my fellow human beings. Fast forward to 2016 & I now find myself living & working in Mexico as Regional Director, Technical Services for truly the greatest sports brand on the planet, adidas.

Throughout the almost 4 years with the company I have travelled to more than 10 different countries and met some very interesting people who are all as passionate about the company as I am. I consider myself to be truly blessed that I can combine my 2 passions, sports & travel in my current position. The company is so diverse which I think personally makes it a truly unique company to belong to, in my department for example, sourcing we are 13 team members originating from 5 different countries worldwide. Each team member brings their unique perspective & spin to the business which when all combined makes us a truly international team. A unique team where sports is at the heart of everything we do, it is sports which also drives & motivates us all to succeed as one as a team and where we find that team work and not individual contribution is what makes the biggest difference. Coming from UK and now living & working in Mexico, a country renowned for its passion for football I find myself surrounded by the most diverse group of people who are as crazy about football as I am. And being from the UK I follow of course the English premier league champions, Chelsea whereby my Mexican friends follow the local team Tigres so as you can imagine our conversations more often than not are centered around football & which team is the better. Of course the Blue´s always win hands down but it doesn't help the fact that Tigres won the league last season!! Oh well you can´t win them and as they say in Mexico “mañana sera otro día”, which means tomorrow will be a new day!

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