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About adidas Pacific

While adidas is a large, global organisation, here in Pacific (Australia & New Zealand) our staff works collaboratively together on a first-name basis in conjuction with our team in South East Asia to form SEAPAC (South East Asia Pacific). We believe in our casual culture and in recognising employees who deliver beyond the requirements of their role while living our brand values. As of January 2015 we have approximately 500 employees across 37 locations (4 offices & 33 retail stores).

Featuring an onsite gym, an employee store and kitchen facilities, adidas Pacific's head office in Australia is located 21 km south-east from Melbourne's central business district. This close proximity to Australia's sporting capital means that our employees can enjoy major annual international sporting events in tennis, Formula One, and horse racing. The city is also home to the eighth largest sporting stadium in the world, the Melbourne Cricket Ground. Our Market is unique in the sporting world as we cater to 4 football codes - AFL (Australian Football), Rugby League, Rugby Union and Soccer.

Brands & Locations in adidas Pacific

Brands at location: adidas.

adidas offices in Pacific: ​Melbourne - Head Office, ​Sydney - NSW Sales Office, ​Brisbane - QLD Sales Office, Auckland - NZ Office​; ​adidas Pacific currently has 33 own retail stores across Australia & New Zealand in the following cities: Adelaide, ​Brisbane, ​Gold Coast, Melbourne, ​Sydney, ​Perth, ​Auckland, ​Christchurch, ​Wellington. To locate your nearest store visit the adidas store finder.

Careers @ adidas Pacific

To explore career opportunities in Market Pacific (Australia & New Zealand) please search for current openings through the global Careers page.

Please note that for the majority of role in Pacific, applicants must have legal rights to work in Australia or New Zealand due to local government immigration policies. Roles that are available to global Talent will be listed on the Job listing as having "Relocation: Yes"

Latest Jobs in Melbourne

  • Stockroom Specialist (Part-Time), adidas South Wharf FO

    Melbourne, Australia | Retail (Store)

    October 22 2021 - 383929
  • Visual Merchandiser, adidas South Wharf FO

    Melbourne, Australia | Retail (Store)

    October 20 2021 - 382868
  • Store Manager - adidas Chadstone Originals Concept Store

    Melbourne, Australia | Retail (Store)

    October 20 2021 - 382871
  • SAP Business Solutions Manager

    Melbourne, Australia | Information Technology

    October 18 2021 - 378608
  • Advanced Retail Professional 3IC (Part-Time) - adidas adiCentre (Mulgrave)

    Melbourne, Australia | Retail (Store)

    October 10 2021 - 378594
  • Advanced Retail Professional 3IC - adidas adiCentre (Mulgrave)

    Melbourne, Australia | Retail (Store)

    September 29 2021 - 371313