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What's it like working at adidas Landersheim?

The employees in France are often "pampered" for different reasons:
- a group of volunteers is in charge of creating a team spirit in the company by setting up different types of activities:
- Sport: more than 11 activities are proposed internally, sports facilities, special offer to practice sports externally
- Wellness : zen room, conference, workshop…
- Events: all employees are invited to sports events, family day…
- Green: earth day, carpooling, recycling…
- the environment is pleasant with friendly open spaces
- adidas France was honoured by Great Place to Work label in 2015

Through sport, we have the power to change lives

In France, more than 11 sports activities are practiced in adidas France: Outdoor, Basket, Running, Golf, Football, Futsal, Tennis, Nordic Walking, Fitness, Badminton & Handball. These activities build a true team spirit between employees who don't necessarily work together on a daily basis. It also allows them to find their private and professional life balance since they can practice sports when they want.

Careers without Borders

In an external recruitment, functional skills are for us as important as soft skills since we not only project ourself with the new hire in a short term but also in a medium or a long term. That's why we ofently organize - for external recruitment sessions - assessment center or vitamin recruitment sessions to have a global vision of the skills of the applicants. The aim is also to have more diversity of our profiles. Furthermore, 80% of our recruitments are used to be filled by internal applicants, that's why we set up:

- a career path workspace to allow our employees to have more visibility on the potential opportunities in the area France
- a short job rotation process to allow our employees to discover more precisely the job of a colleague during 1 to 3 days and work on their career path projects

Pioneering the Future Workplace

We are currently in an exciting transition phase. In 2017 the France's adidas headquarters will move to a new building in Strasbourg, which is more modern and innovative. To facilitate their integration, we have set up an induction book on a USB key. The manager will define an induction planning for the new hire including a meeting with colleagues such as human resource managers, Department Director's andin some cases set up a road trip. At least once a year we organize an induction seminar of 2 days at the global headquarter in Herzogenaurach to expose our new hires to the companys spirit. Finally, we work with a local association to facilitate the employees' life to efficiently find good contacts.

Sport Needs a Place

We are convinced that with sports, everyone can find better self-fulfillment in both their professional and personal lives. We believe that through sport, we have the power to change lives. adidas has made a commitment to two charity associations in France, Siel Bleu and Unis Vers le Sport.

To allow our consumers and sports fans to share in our charity mission, we're implementing the initiative L'arrondi by Microdon, in 30 stores (CS & FO) across France. The approach is rather simple: we are going to offer the possibility to our consumers to make a charity donation with credit card payments. by having the option to round up their purchase to the next highest euro.

​Siel Bleu with the support of Thierry Omeyer, famous French handball player. Our objectives are to help Siel Bleu shine on a national level and to mobilize the general public on our common vision: sport on a competitive level or sport-health can change lives. Siel Bleu develops adapted sport programs for disadvantaged people: elderly, people affected by chronic diseases or disabilities (adults and children). Every week, 100 000 people participate in these programs all around the country. Siel Bleu Foundation has two priorities: facilitate the accessibility of programs developed and improve research on sport-health by physical activities.

To find out more about it: http://www.sielbleu.org/ and http://fondation.sielbleu.org/

In the upcoming months, French colleagues will be personally involved to help Siel Bleu with their activities, team spirit, energy and passion for Sport.

Created in 2001, Unis Vers le Sport aims to implement educational programs and attachment to sport in »disadvantaged districts« of Strasbourg and its region (near French HQ). At the same time, the association promotes accessibility of education and sport in developing countries. Solidarity, work, surpassing oneself, sharing and respect, are part of the educational values carried by Unis Vers le Sport through its local and international projects. To learn more about it: http://www.unisverslesport.com/

Collaborating with Those Who Inspire Us

Our employees are regularly invited to meet our customers since "All in shop" actions are regularly set up. Also, during our meetings or events, we like to invite our athletes, our coaches to share their experience with our employees. Finally, we offer employees the opportunity regularly go to live sport events.

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