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Through sport, we have the power to change lives

We have a group of Sports Leaders who have been continuously rolling out the regular sports events to our colleagues in the HK office. In our community, we have a team of soccer, basketball, squash, badminton and running lovers who meet and play on a regular basis. They help to spread the positive sports lifestyle energy in the workplace. All new joiners/ players at different levels are welcome to join.

True Craftsmanship: We find aspiration everywhere at work because we all share one common goal – Through sport, we have the power to change lives.

Tribal Membership: The HK office brings us all together and that’s how we get to meet each other. We might be from different countries, speak different languages but we are all a part of this big adi family.

Originality: We respect and celebrate the range of our people. We have employees with tattoos, wearing crazy tracksuits etc…

Careers without borders

In our Hong Kong office we have people in 7 different departments from 8 countries sitting on 4 different floors. We also have colleagues working in our HK office
on a rotational basis. All of this creates a great multi-cultural atmosphere where people feel they are able to explore opportunities, be themselves and speak from the heart.

Pioneering the future of work

I still remember the first day when I came in for the interview in the HK office. It was on a bright and early 8AM morning. As soon as I walked into the office, I was fascinated by this stairs inside the office connecting the 21F and 22F. Behind the stairs, you may find this breathtaking view overseeing the entire HK Island through the French windows.

Walking up the stairs to the meeting room, I can’t help but glanced a few times outside the glasses. It was love at first sight at the HK office. Six months later, I had the opportunity to be the Project Lead for our EVP video contest to show the world the beauty of our HK office. I knew immediately that I am putting a spotlight on a city that never sleeps. I wanted to highlight all the most colorful, vibrant and exciting things happening here. But what is important to realize is that it is the people who makes this city what it is.

Walking around in the HK office – we are filled with passionate employees who truly enjoy what they are doing. We have 5 different sports activities happening on a weekly basis. The sport life style energy is spreading across in the office. And the creative craftsmanship makes the working vibe here so special and lively. And of course, our globe trotter career opportunity brings together people from all over the globe. We have at least 10 different nationalities in the office who speaks 10 different languages here.

It is this optimism that makes the HK office so unique.

Sport needs a space

Our office regularly host activities to keep the environment friendly. Check out the beach cleanup we recently participated, organized by the Green team in Hong Kong, dedicated to raise awareness in sustainable environment for our local communities. Bread Run was another meaningful event participated to raise food waste awareness.

Collaborating with those who inspire us

We recently had the opportunity to invite under privileged school students to join us in a football tournament, the tournament was intense and FUN! It was an inspiring event for staff members to wittiness how sports can truly change lives. Here at the Hong Kong office we often have activities to collaborate with the local community, we want to share our love for sports to the Hong Kong society. We have had the privilege to be recognized as Top employer in Hong Kong for 2018 !

The future runs on fresh and divers perspectives

We value diversity at adidas and are proud to present out Women's network team. They constantly host event's and talks to raise awareness for gender diversity. There are mentorship programs and talks in collaboration with surrounding companies to battle gender diversity in this office and in Hong Kong.

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