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Technology has always been the backbone of our company. As we focus on eCom and digital growth, consumer behavior is becoming progressively urbane. Consequently, it is vital to be on top of digital innovations, to offer consumers the best experience across channels. At adidas, our engineering tech hubs in India ensure that we always stay ahead of consumer expectation when it comes to digital experiences. What makes us different to many other companies is our unique DNA ​​​ ​​​​with a perfect blend of technical challenges, global scale combined with collaboration, creativity, and confidence. And why India? Given the recent splurge in digitalization growth in India, this location is close to the top tier talents and cutting-edge digital innovations.


We believe that through sport, we have the power to change lives. And to help our teams live this core belief every day, we create a fun and inspiring working culture that fosters confidence, collaboration, and creativity. The Gurgaon office in the North of India is home to the local Marketing organization and one of our Global Engineering Tech Hubs. Our Power Of Sport program encourages individuals to step out of their comfort zone and collaborate without a desk or meeting room in sight.  


Having worked in many different parts of the world, our employees offer a wide range of experiences and thus bring unique ideas to the table. We encourage our employees to develop their careers by exploring internal opportunities – both at our Gurgaon location and in other adidas hubs across the globe.  
While we offer support where needed, we also give individuals the freedom to forge their own path.  
Neeti Sharma, Senior Manager for Sales Academy and Emerging Markets DTC, has steered her development at adidas for over ten years: “adidas has continued to give me opportunities to create something new, empowering me to operate freely and entrusting me with greater responsibilities. These opportunities have given my entrepreneurial soul a boost and have made me excel every time.” 


At adidas India, new perspectives and experiences are not only welcomed but actively encouraged. We believe that this is how we foster creativity and innovation. Our teams bring together individuals from all backgrounds and cultures. We believe that each of us has the power to change anything. Confidence, creativity and collaboration is all we need. By fully championing important topics such as diversity & inclusion, multiculturality and female empowerment, we’re building a vibrant community of inspiring collaborators.  
As Nikhil Mahajan, Senior Manager of Exports and Sales, puts it: “My experience working with adidas over the last three years has been truly enriching. I enjoy working with such a diverse set of individuals and teams around the globe. The love and passion for sport is what brings us all together!” 


Building a brand in India comes with a unique set of challenges – challenges that our teams embrace and overcome through creative problem-solving. Harsh Agarwal, Assistant Manager Brand Activation for adidas Originals, sees every day as a fresh opportunity to achieve something great: “Working at adidas has given me the chance to be more creative and confident. I come in every morning ready to give my best. Ready to collaborate with the brightest minds and create something special for our consumers. It’s the shared passion for delivering only the best that makes adidas an incredible company to work for. Each day, every day. “ 
This type of leadership has seen our adidas and Reebok brands grow steadily over the past five years.And the experience gained along the way has allowed many of our talents to move on to explore other opportunities at adidas around the world. 


Collaboration is fundamental for our success. By working together and building on each other’s strengths, we have the power to innovate and inspire. “Never have I ever felt so at home in an organization in such a short period of time! At adidas India, I found a bunch of talented and hard-working people who want to succeed together,” shares Shreya Bhattacharya, Assistant Manager in Operations Excellence DTC. 
Of course, inspiring collaboration is not limited to our internal teams. In India, adidas is proud to partner with several local celebrities – including Bollywood sensation Ranveer Singh and the sports stars Rohit Sharma and Hima Das. As the official partner for the national programme Khelo India Youth Games, we also support promoting sports among school and college students. To empower women in sports, our Reebok brand has collaborated with well-known Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif. 

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