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What's it like to work for adidas in Dubai?

The Dubai office is the headquarters for Emerging Markets - here you will find over 250 employees in the back office and over 300 employees in our stores. We pride ourselves on the diversity we offer employees be it from working with over 50 different nationalities to the diverse culture where we foster feedback and a flat hierarchy which makes us an appealing place to work in this region.

Through sport, we have the power to change lives

Sport is at the core of what we do - and to embed this with our people we offer wellness days which include updates on nutrition, stress and health tests - plus we arrange sporting events and classes to encourage team building, fitness and FUN!

Careers without Borders

We believe in bringing the best talent to our market and allowing them to grow - which is why we focus on internal recruitment across adidas by offering attractive relocation packages. This is also offered to external applicants wishing to move to Dubai. With over 80% of the population in Dubai being expatriates we know from experience the importance of details when it comes to making the leap and moving internationally so we do our utmost to make the transition as smooth as possible by offering various benefits including a relocation service provider, start up allowance and accommodation upon arrival. We also support our people should they wish to transfer to another adidas location - it is always a proud moment when we see our people achieve their next career goal.

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    Dubai, United Arab Emirates | Retail (Back Office)

    December 21 2023 - 505595
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    Dubai, United Arab Emirates | Retail (Back Office)

    October 30 2023 - 503881