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Working for adidas is an adventure filled with lots of energy and passion. One can describe it as a journey on a roller coaster and when the ride comes to an end it is extremely rewarding. Vast diversity between different cultures and different consumer behaviours which leaves us with huge opportunities for the future. Despite all the challenges one cannot deny this is one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

Collaborating with those who inspire us

adidas South Africa and The Sartists celebrate their collaboration around what it means to be a Superstar today. The Sartists hail from Johannesburg, South Africa and are known as a creative collective documenting their lives and style in post-apartheid South Africa. They recreate and communicate untold African, authentic stories through fashion and photography.

Pioneering the Future Workplace

adidas is a global brand with a global footprint. Due to this footprint, opportunities are available to move into global markets beyond the borders of South Africa.

Facts about Cape Town

is looking mostly for

  • Retail (Store)
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Cape Town Fact-Sheet

  • Working Hours
    8am - 5pm
  • Retirement Plan
  • Canteen
  • Company Sports
  • Company Events
  • Product Discount
  • On-Site Sports Facilities
  • Next airport to the location
  • Local Population
    6 Million

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    Cape Town, South Africa | Retail (Store)

    May 16 2024 - 511311
  • Permanent Part-Timer

    Cape Town, South Africa | Retail (Store)

    May 16 2024 - 511554
  • Retail Sales Associate

    Cape Town, South Africa | Retail (Store)

    May 16 2024 - 511562
  • Manager Retail Activation and Calendar Planning 1

    Cape Town, South Africa | Marketing & Communications

    May 15 2024 - 511364
  • BOH Specialist

    Cape Town, South Africa | Retail (Store)

    May 15 2024 - 511059