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Through Sport We Have The Power To Change Lives

We believe it is possible to change lives through sports, that’s why we promote spaces where our collaborators can connect with what captivates them, not only in their daily tasks but through activities designed for this. We are a sports-oriented company and that’s why no matter how busy our agendas look, there will always be time for physical activities that help us break away with daily routine and live truly our core belief. A clear example of this is Sports Fridays, a day where our employees can enjoy practicing their favorite sports and finish their week with the best energy. We also have a partnership in place with one of the best gyms in Colombia.

Careers Without Borders

At adidas Colombia we foster creativity and innovation, and for that, all new ways of thinking are welcome. We know different perspectives come from different backgrounds and cultures, and that’s why we find talent from other adidas offices in the world so valuable. Currently, we have employees who are coming from countries such as Mexico and Panama, adding value to the business in different practices. 

We also allow and support people’s development through international career experiences. Every vacancy open worldwide is enabled for our collaborators to access and consider it depending on their background and career focus. Examples of this are the Colombian office team members who are developing their potential in Portugal, Mexico, Chile, Panamá, Argentina and Perú.

Pioneering The Future Of Work 

Colombia is a strategic center for us. It hosts our Latin America eCommerce and Digital teams as well as our new Global Tech Hub.
And it's snowballing on the commercial front, to date this presence can be seen and felt across the retail landscape, franchises and the wholesale business: where in total we have over 70 doors carrying our logo in the country.

This growth has set Colombia as an attractive, professional development destination and as a place to look for opportunities in different areas. This office is known for acting as a bridge for many of its employees. Throughout the years, it's been the first stage in international careers where employees continue their journey in many of our offices abroad in different parts of the world like Europe and other countries in Latin America.

Sport Needs A Space

At adidas Colombia we work for a healthier and more sustainable world. We are committed to helping the community; we support the non-profit organization Tiempo de Juego that supports young people and children to find in sports a way to change their lives. We support their sports activities with products of our brand so that they can develop them in the best way possible. Likewise, we sponsor community members to develop their higher education studies. Then these members contribute from the knowledge they have acquired to build a better community.

Collaborating With Those Who Inspire Us 

Collaboration is fundamental for our success behind the brand. It becomes the essence of achieving goals. We develop collaboration inspired in innovation, and we transform it into a pillar to promote teamwork. Always together, focused as a team willing to change lives.

The Future Runs On Fresh And Diverse Perspectives

At adidas new perspectives and experiences are not only welcome but fostered. We believe that each of us has the power to change everything. Confidence, creativity, and collaboration are all we need. By fully pushing topics such as diversity, multiculturality, women empowerment, we aim to spark our employees' fresh and diverse perspectives.

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