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Portland is the North American Headquarters for adidas. At adidas Portland our purpose is to shape the future of sport because we believe that through sport, we have the power to change lives. Located in the heart of our city we share the responsibility to role-model a better, and healthier future. Portland boasts an outdoorsy culture with opportunity to spend time in the mountains or at the coast - both only a short drive away. The restaurant and food truck options are endless, the art scene is vibrant, and the neighborhoods are unique, making Portland a fantastic city to live and work.


Our adidas "village" has a unique culture where the employees have a special bond over a shared passion for our brand. We welcome all to come visit the village and see what adidas Portland is all about.

The campus is home to roughly 2,000 employees where individuality and authenticity are embraced, and friendships are made through working and participating in numerous activities that are offered. Whether you would rather spend your lunch doing a fitness class, eating outside with colleagues, or going for a walk, adidas has options for you. We offer "Work from Wherever" days, paid time off to volunteer, comprehensive benefits, and generous vacation time. Being part of a large global company allows you the opportunity to explore roles around the globe, all while continuing to be a part of the adidas family.


Through sport we have the power to change lives. Our core belief brings us together to create positive change in the world. And we believe the best ideas and solutions are born from an inclusive and collaborative working culture where all are free to create and contribute with absolute confidence. This is a work in progress, and we invite you to join us on our journey.


At adidas we strive to make all feel welcome and included. We do this in part through our Employee Resource Groups (ERG's). ERG's are employee-run networks that provide support for diverse and underrepresented communities and foster a sense of belonging for all adidas and Reebok employees. ERG's continue to grow and are focused on supporting the growth of their members by providing professional development, mentorship, community outreach, and cultural programming. Furthermore, ERG's are crucial business groups that help ensure our culture, workforce, and products are reflective of the diversity of our consumers.

Currently, we have 6 ERGs established in North America:

• Progressive Soles - Our mission is to be stewards of cultural change in the workplace, community, and world.

• Empow(her)ed Voices - Our mission is to build a network that empowers & celebrates all self-identifying women within the brand

• PACE - Elevate the authenticity and diversity of our brand by strengthening the Asian narrative

• Proud to Play - It is our mission to increase the visibility of LGBTQ+ people and group priorities, by advocating for inclusive policies and projects to elevate change in our community.

• VIDA - Our mission is to unite and amplify the Hispanic-Latinx voice by raising awareness on the impact of our multicultural community

• Vet Net - To support veterans, their families, and the community by promoting OUR value, providing resources, and encouraging OUR development.


We’re breaking barriers to sport for girls, inspiring and enabling them to join and stay in sport.

• Why girls? By age 17, more than half of girls quit sports altogether.
• Girls who participate in sports are 2x’s more confident, and 96% of female C-suite executives participated in sports as teenagers.
• One Starting Line: Providing access to our industry through activations, mentorship, and career connections.


• Since 2018, we use 100% sustainable cotton, maintaining our commitment to Better Cotton Initiative.

• Our innovations aim to reduce the amount of virgin plastic added to the world and clean up already existing plastic.

• We received ESPN’s first-ever Sports Sustainability Leadership Award for our leadership in fighting ocean plastic waste.

Latest Jobs in Portland

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    Portland, United States of America | Supply Chain Management

    October 04 2023 - 502457
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    Portland, United States of America | Supply Chain Management

    October 03 2023 - 502459
  • Manager, Digital Consumer Analytics

    Portland, United States of America | Digital

    October 03 2023 - 502613
  • Manager Inbound Planning - Destination

    Portland, United States of America | Supply Chain Management

    October 03 2023 - 502279
  • Tactical Deployment Manager

    Portland, United States of America | Supply Chain Management

    October 02 2023 - 502276
  • Senior Manager GTM Operations - LTD

    Portland, United States of America | Marketing & Communications

    September 28 2023 - 501733