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At adidas, diversity isn’t a box to check, it’s our secret formula for inventing the future of sport. Adi Dassler built his business with an insight that is still true today: Every innovation starts with seeing a problem through fresh eyes. To invent new solutions, you need to see a problem in as many different ways as possible. The more unique identities, backgrounds and perspectives we can assemble at adidas, the easier it is to find our way around roadblocks and change lives through the sports we love.

To attract and retain a diverse team, we place a premium on creating and living an inclusive, respectful company culture. It’s why our world headquarters boasts employees of 100 nationalities, why we’ve been ranked one of the most LGBT-friendly companies around, and why we are cultivating a gender-balanced leadership. It’s why we stay at the cutting edge of sport culture.

A letter from Karen Parkin Executive Board Member HR

Our future runs on diverse and fresh perspectives

adidas has always been a global village. We're proud of our German heritage, but the truth is we've been an international company from the very start. When you walk through the halls, you hear voices in German and English, but also Spanish, Hindi and Cantonese. It’s a testament to Adi Dassler’s dedication to sport, and its ability to transcend traditional boundaries like language, skin color and national borders. True to this spirit, we’ve always assembled a talented workforce from far and wide and rallied them around a common goal: through sport, we have the power to change lives.

Sport strengthens bodies, builds self-confidence, connects people and improves lives in thousands of other very real ways. To harness its remarkable power for good, we need to continue to foster a culture of creativity and innovation that can deliver on sport’s incredible potential.

An absolutely essential piece of the puzzle is the understanding that you simply can’t have innovation without diversity. The level of innovation in any organization is in direct proportion to the diversity of its people. Diversity provides a steady stream of new ideas, fresh perspectives and contrary points of view that are the lifeblood of innovation. As part of adidas since 1997, I’ve seen firsthand the innovation that can happen when you get a diverse group of people into one room to take risks, think creatively and solve a problem together. 

There are many facets to diversity. Parity and equality across them all is essential in creating the ideal culture. As a senior female leader, I am keenly aware of the need to address issues around gender parity within the workplace. It is important that both genders have equal opportunities to contribute and succeed. Our partnership with Lean In ( for instance, who have taken on the issues on the pay gap, underlines this fundamental foundation of what we focus on. Together with our CEO Kasper Rorsted we are committed to a more gender-balanced leadership.

We are proud that we reached our global target of 32% of women in leadership eighteen months prior to our goal date. We will not stop here but will continue pushing the envelope. We also support employees of all ages and life stages. At our headquarters five generations work and collaborate side by side on a daily basis. We’re living in a global culture of plurality where all perspectives are valid. There are times when the fresh perspective of a younger employee is vital to the well-being of the organization, and there are times when the wisdom that comes from lived experience proves invaluable as well. It takes a village.

We are intensely proud of the progress we've been making in creating a diverse and inclusive culture at adidas. But there is always more work to be done. Our goal is an adidas where every single person feels welcome. We believe in equal opportunity for all, regardless of race, age, disabilities, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnicity or religion. We hold ourselves to the same high standard for all our workplaces around the world, without exception.

Diversity and inclusion is crucial to innovation within our companies. But it’s also about something greater than advances in sport or business: It's about giving people the power to be their true selves in all areas of their lives, including their work. Because people who can be their true selves are able to share their true gifts with the world.

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Our Workforce by the Numbers

adidas has always been a diverse place, and we’re improving day by day. Here’s where we’re at today in our headquarters in Herzogenaurach, Germany:

Last date update July 9th 2019
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Diversity & Inclusion / Divided by Regions

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