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Purpose & Overall Relevance for the Organization: Always endeavor to provide the best services by building the collaborative relationships with relevant persons within and outside the company (e.g. Sales, customers, etc.), which will lead to the contribution to sales ----------------------------------------------------- Key Responsibilities: ① order management ⚫ Handle delivery arrangement closely communicated with Sales and customers, and letting customers know the delivery date (SAP) ⚫ Manage General shipping instructions (manual arrangement, arrangement via CSV, urgent delivery, etc.) ⚫ Check EDI (report of stock-out & errors, and recovery operations, etc.) ⚫ Coordinate with logistics companies, requesting special operations, dealing with logistic troubles/issues, and negotiating with relevant departments ⚫ Create Manual allocation, depending on the situation, and preparation for delivery slips ⚫ Solve any shipping problems/troubles, and reports to Customer Service manager. ② Customer communication ⚫ Handle any inquiries from customers (e.g. shipment confirmation, complaints about the shipment, arrival date, return, etc.), and creating the reports to CS manager if necessary. -preparing credit notes and creating reports to Finance team if necessary. -Sharing important customer information with other departments. -Delivering any available inventory information to customers. -Receiving retuning requests from customer (RMA# preparation) -Providing with new instructions /ideas for any efficient operations in future. ③ Customer Service ⚫ Create reports on the operation progress to both CS Manager and CS team leader. ⚫ Make any proposals to solve problems of CS operations, and reports on the improvements. ⚫ Tackle new tasks, following to the directions of CS manager and team leader ⚫ Conduct any inquiries about IT related issues, and participation in new projects ⚫ Train new employees ⚫ Take proactive initiatives for SAP test as a Key User. ④ Sales Assistant ⚫ Create lists of sales progresses and inventories by utilizing DWH(MSTR) ⚫ Check the inbound status of products and create the reports on that. ⚫ Timely create the status list of products for customers, whose shipments are suspended ⚫ Responsible for accurate sell out data creation, products master and map per customer ⚫ Request to register the coding, article numbers & JAN codes, and management of details of master ⚫ Support Sales members on preparation the documents, as needed ⚫ Arrange sales PROMO items ⚫ Manage the delivery / shipping plans for big accounts (Alpen etc) ⚫ Review and Make any proposals / improvements on Sales assistant operations. ⑤ Consignment ⚫ Understand of consignment flows and operations (e.g. SAP, IQRS, SHOPAN etc..) ⚫ Control consignment orders and shipping - Sales order creation for consignment through SAP - Return order creation for consignment through SAP - Check Consignment status ⚫ Solve any problems regarding consignment items, and reports to CS Manager if necessary. ⚫ Review and Make proposals / improvements on Consignment operations. ⑥ Tenjikai order Management ⚫ Understand of Tenjikai Web system flows and operations -Creating master data, and Tenjikai orders, -Setting the cut date, the upload formats for Tenjikai Web -Preparing the order form for Tenjikai Web -Responsible for providing with the updated item list timely ⚫ Understand of AO Interfaces between Tenjikai Web and SAP, and discuss with IT team any on any system issues for Tenjikai Web ⑦ Management ⚫ Responsible for Creating/reviewing of manuals, required for operations. ⚫ Act as “team leader” to train other CS team staff ⚫ Manage any requests and inquiries from other departments and reports to CS Manger ⚫ To be a good mentor for CS Representatives and CS specialists. ⚫ Involve in hiring new team staff Key Relationships: ⚫ Sales ⚫ Customers ⚫ Logistics ⚫ Finance ⚫ Marketing

KPIs ⚫ KPI of CS ⚫ Individual KPIs based on 3Cs (Company policy)  

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities: ⚫ Communication skills for constantly developing corroborative working relationships with customers and internally, across functions ⚫ Motivation and spontaneous actions to tackle tasks actively and creatively by utilizing new systems & workflow ⚫ Motivation for self-betterment to conduct daily operations with confidence ⚫ Planning skills to carry out your operations in a structured way ⚫ Intelligence to effectively collect/reflect necessary information & knowledge of sports (goods)/casual fashion industries on daily operations ⚫ Teamwork to cooperate with team members & each department for daily operations ⚫ Attitude of customer focus ⚫ Supportive attitude for Sales ⚫ Acquisition of required PC skills, and aspiration for self-improvement ⚫ Flexible actions according to circumstances ⚫ Spontaneous attitude & actions to improve efficiency of daily operations

⚫ fluent Japanese

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The Facts

Jobtitle Assistant Manager Customer Service adidas Golf
Team Customer Service
Brand adidas Golf
Location Tokyo
Country Japan
Number 197203
Position Type Full time
Date Jun-13, 2019
Relocation no

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