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Working at Reebok, living in Boston

Boston is the Headquarter of Reebok and we have a deep fitness heritage and the mission to design and create the best gear and experiences for the sport of fitness and for fitness athletes around the globe. One brand unified under one logo – the Vector! And we now sport the largest color, animated sign in Boston. Reebok strives to inspire people everywhere to be their absolute best – physically, mentally and socially.

Diversity drives us forward

We believe success is created by a diverse workforce of individuals with different ideas, strengths, interests and cultural backgrounds.

Creating change means looking at challenges and opportunities in different ways. The more unique identities, backgrounds, and perspectives we can assemble at adidas, the more meaningful change we can create for our consumers and the industry. To attract and retain a diverse team, we place a premium on creating and living an inclusive, respectful company culture. 
As part of our global diversity approach, we proactively pursue a portfolio of internal and external activities. Throughout the company, we continue to support our Employee Resource Groups – specific networks that give employees from various walks of life a voice.

Employee Resources Groups

Reebok is committed to creating an environment that is diverse in all possible ways. We do this in part through our Employee Resource Groups (ERG's). ERG's are employee-run networks that provide support for diverse and underrepresented communities and foster a sense of belonging for all adidas and Reebok employees. ERG's continue to grow and are focused on supporting the growth of their members by providing professional development, mentorship, community outreach, and cultural programming. Furthermore, ERG's are crucial business groups that help ensure our culture, workforce, and products are reflective of the diversity of our consumers.

Currently, we have 5 ERGs established in the Reebok HQ.

• Women’s Network

• Ethnic Diversity (T.I.E.D) 

• International Passport Diversity 

• LGBTQ Color Soles 

• Working Parents - designed for working parents

Social Impact

Reebok works closely with community partners, one of which is the BOKS program [www.bokskids.org]. BOKS is a global physical activity program designed to get kids active and establish a lifelong commitment to health and fitness. Other local community partners in Boston include Healthworks Community Fitness, Casa Myrna, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston, Ron Burton Training Village, Level Ground, Whittier Street Health Center, the Dimock Center, the Food Project, and more. Over 60% of Boston-based Reebok employees engage in volunteering for our community partners throughout the year, including skills-based volunteering, volunteer fitness classes, fun fitness days for kids, and painting/clean-up projects. The Reebok Foundation also offers a matching gifts donation program.


Our focus is to create and deliver true innovation to the market – across all areas of our business including: Product Innovation, Marketing Innovation, Process Innovation - ‘how’ we make things.

Reebok is a company that was built on innovation. Throughout our history we’ve introduced innovations to the market that had never been seen before. In the 80’s we were the first brand to create fitness footwear for women with our Freestyle model, which featured garment leather and a unique look. In the 90’s our iconic Pump shoe was a revolutionary style that was pushed the envelope, delivering custom fit.
Today, innovation is one of our major focus areas. Whether it’s the products we make, how we make them or how we engage with our consumer, innovation is at the heart of everything we do.

Collaborating with those who inspire us

Reebok values both internal collaboration as well as external partnerships. We find many ways to bring people together - through our internal brand boot-camps, town hall meetings, group fitness events and employee resource groups. We believe such cross functional collaborations are important in order to support learning and growth, both personally and professionally. External collaborations with like-minded partners excites us. Our collaboration with Allen Iverson, Cardi B, Conor McGregor, J.J. Watt, Khalid, Nathalie Emmanuel, Victoria Beckham help share our fitness mission across the globe.

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