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School provides a comprehensive manual for the professional world. But now you are eager to stop watching from the sidelines and join the game. We invite new players to join us to change the world of sports as we know it. An apprenticeship at adidas offers a playground for you to try out what you have learned and gives you an experience that we hope kick starts your career. With different apprenticeship positions we match all types of players. What unites them is a passion for sports and lifestyle and one big goal: to shape the future of sport. Are you ready to be part of this creative crew?

Our offers at a glance:

  • Computer Science Expert (m/f/d)
  • Sales Assistant (m/f/d)
  • Warehouse Logistics Specialist / Expert (m/f/d)
  • Shoe Finisher (m/f/d)
  • Designer for Visual Marketing (m/f/d)
  • Textile and Fashion Tailor (m/f/d)
  • Orthopedic Shoemaker
  • Machine and Plant Operator (m/f/d)
  • Security Services Expert (m/f/d)

      Holistic insights are gained by rotating through all requisite departments. You will be involved in the ideation, creation and activation of key projects across your team, and you are responsible for your own projects. Besides the hands-on experience you will learn theoretical knowledge at the training academy and during in-house training.

      Latest jobs in Apprenticeship Program:

      • Ausbildung Fachlagerist/in oder Fachkraft für Lagerlogistik 2024 in Scheinfeld/Uffenheim (m/w/d)

        Uffenheim, Germany | Supply Chain Management

        May 31 2023 - 498178
      • Ausbildung Fachlagerist/in oder Fachkraft für Lagerlogistik 2024 in Rieste (m/w/d)

        Rieste, Germany | Supply Chain Management

        May 31 2023 - 498177
      • Ausbildung Verkäufer/in bzw. Kaufmann/Kauffrau im Einzelhandel in Metzingen 2024 (m/w/d)

        Metzingen, Germany | Retail (Store)

        May 31 2023 - 498191
      / Essentials

      The 4 Application Essentials


      We recruit one year in advance. All apprenticeship openings are usually advertised from June to August each year on the adidas career website. For exact timings stay tuned on our career site, as well as our social media channels. You may apply for more than one position, but your application should always be individualized to the respective role.


      We have gone totally digital when it comes to applications. Please send your applications via our career site. Unfortunately, we cannot accept applications via email or post. Your application should always be done in the same language as the job posting is.

      Your application usually should consist of:

      • your CV

      • your creative piece of application, which tells about you, your interest for adidas and for the apprenticeship program you applied for
      • your last two school reports
      • any internship or work experience references/confirmation (optional).

      However, the actual list of required documents may vary, therefore please always check the actual job posting, on what is needed for your application. Your application should be unique and can be in any digital format that can be submitted via our online portal.


      Please address your application to “Dear adidas team”. As soon as we have received your application, you will get an automatic acknowledgement of receipt via email. Please check your junk mail folder, too. We start the selection process once the application deadline has passed. All candidates have the same chances regardless of when you apply during the posting period.


      Our application process for apprenticeships consists of different stages:

      • Online Application
      • Telephone/video interview
      • Recruitment day

      In the video or telephone interview, we would like to get to know you better and to learn more about you and your motivation for applying. Prepare yourself for the interview by doing some research in advance about adidas and the apprenticeship Program.

      The interview is in German, but 1 or 2 questions are in English. Whatever the outcome you will hear from us as soon as we have interviewed all candidates, usually within one to two weeks after the interview. After a successful interview, we will invite you to a recruitment day where you will get the opportunity to present yourself to a selected group of our employees and convince them that you are the right candidate.

      The recruitment day at our company headquarters in Herzogenaurach takes a full day, physical attendance is required. All travelling costs within Germany are reimbursed. There is no particular dress code for that day because we want you to feel comfortable.

      13 facts about our vocational apprenticeships

      Any questions left? Let us know by sending an E-mail to

      1. What qualifications do I need?

        The school qualifications do depend on the apprenticeship you apply for. Please see the respective job posting for further details.

As well as good academic achievements, you should be able to demonstrate involvement in extracurricular activities. Fluent German is necessary as well as strong English skills. Also, a consumer oriented focus, analytical and logical thinking are qualifications. 

      2. How important is my grade average?

        Grades alone are not the decisive criterion when it comes to taking on apprentices. Moreover the overall profile is important to us. We would also like to learn what you do outside school (e.g., work placements, part-time jobs, social engagement, membership in associations, etc.). So don‘t forget to let us know.

      3. Where does each apprenticeship take place?

        Most of the apprenticeships take place at our headquarters in Herzogenaurach, but not all. Please see the respective job posting for further details.
        If you come from far away; we will of course help you to find an accommodation.

      4. How long does each apprenticeship last?

        It depends on each program how long the apprenticeship lasts. Please see the respective job posting for further details.
With good performance (both in the company and at the vocational college), the duration of some apprenticeship programs can be reduced.

      5. How many apprentices are hired each year?

        The number of apprentices varies each year based on the demand of the departments.

      6. How is the apprenticeship paid?

        The pay for the apprenticeship is above average, and the salary increases incrementally for each year of the apprenticeship.

      7. What are the standard working hours and how many holidays will I have?

        The working hours are 39 hours per week. Your holiday entitlement is 30 days per year.

      8. What is the dress code?

        Whatever you like. No suits needed. We want you to feel comfortable.

      9. Who is responsible for me during the apprenticeship?

        Throughout the whole program, you will be looked after by both the Human Resources department and an apprentice coach in each department, who will provide you with support and assistance in each department.

      10. How often do apprentices change departments?

        Depending on the apprenticeship you will change departments every 3-6 months.

      11. Is it possible to go abroad during an apprenticeship?

        Going abroad is not a mandatory part of the program, but there are opportunities to spend time abroad. For sure you will also get a lot of international experience during your apprenticeship at adidas in Herzogenaurach.

      12. What are the chances of being permanently employed after the apprenticeship?

        The apprenticeship contract is for a period of two to three years, depending on the apprenticeship profession. However, it is our aim to take on all apprentices at the end, providing they have performed well during the apprenticeship. We will also be happy to advise you about further training at adidas to take your individual interests and expectations into account.

      13. After the apprenticeship, will I have the opportunity to study and still remain at adidas in some form?

        We are pleased when former apprentices wish to gain further qualifications and are happy to remain in contact while apprentices are attending college or university. However, we cannot guarantee an entry-level position when they have finished their studies.