Lucie is visionary

»If you want to create the future. You need the best vision of the field.«
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Lucie's Gameplan

It’s impossible to lead a team of footballers without vision. Unsurprisingly, the same applies when attempting to drive a digital transformation. I’m a former football captain and a digital strategist. I use trends and consumer insights to create predictions with confidence. Executing clear action plans for the digital teams to execute.

As a defender, I’d assess the game and carefully time my move, constantly analyzing to make sure I made the right decision. These same skills I put to good use at adidas. Vision is one thing, but if no one believes in what we’re doing then it’s hard to move forward. So I try to approach people in a friendly, straightforward way, just like I would on the pitch. Then we’re able to move forward together. Towards our shared vision.

I transfer the vision I’ve gained as a football captain to create.

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Lucie's Role

Sr Director Digital Strategy - My team shapes digital strategy, relying on trends and insights. We craft annual priorities. We drive business development projects. We implement change and communication initiatives. The complex and evolutionary speed of digital means that we must constantly challenge ourselves in order to remain relevant.

We have to collaborate across all areas of the business. Like in football, you need a strategy and vision to win, but the dynamic nature of the game means that you must continually adapt and communicate as a team in order to achieve your goals.

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